Saturday, December 24, 2011

NBA Pre-season Picks

The NBA is back, with a short season that will really test some of the older teams in the NBA. So, lets take a quick look at it.


1) Heat- I hate them, but they are good

2) Bulls-D Rose

3) Magic- Trying to get Dwight to stay... it will not work

4) Knicks- short season, they can score

5) Celtics- Old legs, they will take some days off

6) Pacers- I like them this year

7) Hawks- same old thing with them

8) 76ers- well coaches, nice young talent

Heat over 76ers in 5

Bulls over Hawks in 6

Magic over Packers in 6

Celtics over Knicks in 6

Heat over Celtics in 6

Bulls over Magic in 6

Bulls over Heat in 7


1) Thunder- young legs

2) Mavs-Dirk

3) Lakers- Still have Kobe... not giving up on them

4) Clippers- CP3 n Blake

5) Spurs- one last chance

6) Memphis- nice young team

7) Denver-Better without Melo?

8) GS-Steph Curry.. young n run

Thunder over GS in 5

Mavs over Denver in 6

Lakers over Memphis in 6

Spurs over Clippers in 6

Thunder over Spurs in 6

Mavs over Lakers in 6

Thunder over Mavs in 6

Bulls over Thunder in 6

Just can't pick the Heat to win, hate them too much, but they should really.

MVP: Durant
Rookie of the Year: Derrick Williams
Most improved: DeAndre Jordan

Finals MVP: D Rose

I'm right, you're wrong.

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