Saturday, December 24, 2011

NBA Pre-season Picks

The NBA is back, with a short season that will really test some of the older teams in the NBA. So, lets take a quick look at it.


1) Heat- I hate them, but they are good

2) Bulls-D Rose

3) Magic- Trying to get Dwight to stay... it will not work

4) Knicks- short season, they can score

5) Celtics- Old legs, they will take some days off

6) Pacers- I like them this year

7) Hawks- same old thing with them

8) 76ers- well coaches, nice young talent

Heat over 76ers in 5

Bulls over Hawks in 6

Magic over Packers in 6

Celtics over Knicks in 6

Heat over Celtics in 6

Bulls over Magic in 6

Bulls over Heat in 7


1) Thunder- young legs

2) Mavs-Dirk

3) Lakers- Still have Kobe... not giving up on them

4) Clippers- CP3 n Blake

5) Spurs- one last chance

6) Memphis- nice young team

7) Denver-Better without Melo?

8) GS-Steph Curry.. young n run

Thunder over GS in 5

Mavs over Denver in 6

Lakers over Memphis in 6

Spurs over Clippers in 6

Thunder over Spurs in 6

Mavs over Lakers in 6

Thunder over Mavs in 6

Bulls over Thunder in 6

Just can't pick the Heat to win, hate them too much, but they should really.

MVP: Durant
Rookie of the Year: Derrick Williams
Most improved: DeAndre Jordan

Finals MVP: D Rose

I'm right, you're wrong.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 2 NFL Picks

So, I was 9-7 after week 1, lets try to do better this week.

Detroit over KC 31-17

Bills over Oakland 21-17

Vikings over TB 17-14

Saints over Bears 31-24

Ravens over Titans 24-14

Colts over Browns 21-14

Jets over Jags 24-10

Steelers over Seattle 24-10

Washington over Cards 24-17

Packers over Panthers 31-17

Dallas over 49ers 24-14

Pats over Chargers 35-31

Texans over Miami 28-17

Denver over Cinci 24-14

ATL over Phil 28-24

Giants over Rams 24-10

I'm right, you're wrong.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 1 NFL Picks

The NFL starts tonight! So time for my picks for the week 1

Packers over Saints 28-21

Falcons over Bears 24-14

Browns over Cinci 17-7

KC Over Bills 24-7

Phili Over Rams 35-31

Bucks over Lions 24-21

Titans over Jags 17-7

Ravens over Steelers 21-17

Texas over Colts 31-21

Giants over Skins 24-10

49ers over Seahawks 21-17

Chargers over Viks 28-10

Cards over Panthers 21-14

Jets over Dallas 24-17

Pats over Miami 31-10

Denver over Oakland 17-14

I'm right, you're wrong

My New College Football Conferences

Teams are moving in and out of conferences, the Big 10 has 12 teams the Big 12 has 10, what will happen next? Well I have no idea, but this is what I would do if I ruled college sports. 4 16 team conferences, 8 teams in each conference, you play each team in your conference (7 games) three cross over games, so 10 conference games total, then two non conference games to get to 12 total regular season games. Then you would have conference title games, and bowl games, with a plus 1. The four conference champs would play each other in the semi finals, and then a title game would be played. The two non conference games, one would be a game against another team from a big 4 conference, and the other could be either a cup cake game or a game against the rest of the teams that would make up the MAC, Sun Belt, Conference USA, ect.

Note: I don't care what you call the divisions, east-west, north-south, as long as it isn't leaders and legends.

Big 10 (16)

Division 1:

Division 2:
Iowa State


Division 1:
Ole Miss
Mississippi State
South Carolina

Division 2:
Florida State
Miami FL
Georgia Tech

PAC 10 (16)

Division 1:
Oregon State
Washington State

Division 2:
Arizona State
Colorado State
Boise State
Kansas State

Hart land Elite

Division 1:
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
Oklahoma State

Division 2:
West Virgina
NC State
Virgina Tech
Wake Forrest

Boston College Rutgers, Syracuse, South Florida Louisville and UCONN will join Conference USA, as Houston and UTEP move to the Mountain West. The other conference would stay the same, and can still play in bowl games, as could members of the main conferences that didn't make the title game. So the bowl system is still in tact, but you get a national champ, that earned it on the field. Thoughts? I'm right, you're wrong.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Collegee Football Picks

College Football begins tonight, with a few games on TV, UNLV at Wisconsin on the mother-ship and Memphis vs Mississippi State on FSN, the game I care about is my Alma mater CMU and their now traditional home opener the Thursday night before Labor Day against a FCS school, this year South Carolina State is up, at 7pm. I look forward to all CMU football games, or sporting events for that matter, and the first game of the year is no different. CMU had a tough year last season, 3-9, and do have a hard schedule this year, I have total faith in Coach Dan Enos that the program will take a step forward this year, and continue to improve. I know most people don't care about CMU, and no one may care as much as I do, so I will quickly make my picks for their record, and then move on to the BCS conferences.

After the FCS start, CMU goes to Kentucky, To WMU and to MSU in 3 straight weeks before hosting MAC West favorite NIU. I will be honest, if they win one of those game, it will be good. I hope I'm wrong, but I think 6-6 is the best record the team can have this year.

Big Ten (12):

Nebraska joins the Big Ten this year and I believe their first year will be very successful. They do have a tough conference schedule with Wisconsin, PSU, Michigan and Minnesota as the road games, and MSU, OSU, Iowa, Northwestern at home, of course Minnesota is a gimme. Northwestern that crowd will be mostly Corn Husker red, Michigan is still a year or two away from really competing with a team like Nebraska, and I like them at PSU. At Wisconsin is the only game on their schedule that I think they could lose. But you know what, I'm going out on a limb and picking them to win it, and win the conference title.

Michigan I think 8-4 would be a good year for Brady Hoke. As usual they don't play away from home Until October, and one of those is in the state, and the other at Northwestern, where the stadium will be 50-50 at worse for them. That should help this team.

MSU- I like MSU, but the problem with them, is some of their fans that act like they are a elite football program, they are not, they haven't won a Rose Bowl since 1988. They do have a great running game, but they lost two great LB and have 4 new OL starters. They are not winning at OSU, at Nebraska or at home vs Wisconsin, and going to Notre Dame a week after I predict they lose to Michigan in the first night at the big house, I think ND beats them to and they finish 8-4 as well.

Notre Dame: Brian Kelly is a good football coach, he is a terrible human being, and I hope they lose all their games, but their schedule has some easy games to go with a few tough ones, so I see them going 8-4 as well.


Alabama: Of course there are some tough games there but I really like this team and I think they can run the table. It is going to be really really tough, but I like them to go undefeated and win the SEC

South Carolina is my pick to win the East, then UGA, FL, Tenn, Kentucky, Vandy. In the West, Bama, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss.


Oregon: Love all the jerseys, love LaMichael James, only worry is if the NCAA sets in and gets them in trouble due to them paying a recruiting service 25,000 for 3 total reports, since he had ties to James, and some other players from Texas, but they get LSU early, when they have their guys out and USC at home. There is only one game they could lose IMO and that is at Stanford, but they lost too much and Andrew Luck can only do so much. I like USC to win the South Division, but since they can't, ASU will.


Va Tech: Their schedule is laughable IMO. They are winning the ACC Coastal and will be undefeated going in to the ACC title game, where they will play FSU and lose to keep the ACC out of the BCS title game, which is good, because the conference isn't very good.

Big 12 (10) :

Oklahoma: At Free Shoe will not be a gimme but they are the better team and will win. Texas A&M and OK State are both overrated if you ask me, though at OK State the last game of the year could be very tough, and I like OK State to beat Oklahoma to keep them out of the BCS title game. Oklahoma will still win the Big 12 title however.

Big East:

West Virginia will win it, the rest of the league isn't very good. That's all

BCS Title game: Alabama beats Nebraska 24-21

Heisman winner: Trent Richardson RB Alabama

I'm so happy college football is here. I hope everyone is ready for a great fall. I'm right, you're wrong.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

NFL Picks... 1st addition

It has been a slow day at work, so why not do some NFL picks. This most likely will change since it is almost the end of July and there is still lots of trades to be had and free agents to switch teams. But right now here is what I think each teams win range will be, and playoff picks: Enjoy



KC- 5-7 wins
Den-6-8 wins
Oak-5-7 wins
SD- 8-10 wins


NYJ-10-12 wins
NE-10-12 wins
Bills-2-4 wins
Mia-2-4 wins


Colts- 9-11 wins
Jags-5-7 wins
Texans-9-11 wins
Titans-5-7 wins


Pit-10-12 wins
Browns-3-5 wins
Ravens-10-12 wins
Cinci-3-5 wins

Playoff Picks:

NE (Bye)
Pitt (Bye)
NYJ (Wild Card)
Ravens (Wild Card)

NE over Ravens
Jets over Pitt

NE over Jets



Sea-6-8 wins
49ers-6-8 wins
Ari-6-8 wins
STL-6-8 wins


NYG-8-10 wins
Dallas-8-10 wins
Phili-8-10 wins
Wash- 4-6 wins


Car-2-4 wins
TB- 6-8 wins
NO-8-10 wins
ATL- 9-11 wins


GB 10-12 wins
Chi- 5-7 wins
Min 6-8 wins
Det 6-8 wins

Playoff Picks:

ATL (Bye)
GB (Bye)
N.O (Wild Card)
NYG (Wild Card)

ATL over NYG
GB over N.O.

ATL over G.B.

Super Bowl:

NE over ATL 31-21

Yeah I'm on the Falcons band wagon this year, I think that offense is going to be a lot of fun. Julio Jones offensive rookie of the year, I called it before the trade, and sticking with it... for now. I'm right, you're wrong.

Monday, July 25, 2011

NFL Back, NBA Please Follow

I have not wrote a blog post in a long long time, between my actually job, my wife and kids, and my basketball website,, I haven't had much time. I should get back at it, but then again, who reads it?

Anyway, so today officially the NFL lockout ended, I was never worried because I knew that the NFL makes way too much money to give up. Lets look at what we missed. 7on7s, OTA's, everything the players hate. It hurt the rookies and the undrafted free agents, but that is about it. The NFL was the lead story on Sports Center even with the NHL and NBA playoffs, MLB getting going, and having a All Star game, and the Women's World Cup, plus a few Tennis and Golf majors. I really think they had the deal done a while ago, they knew what each side would get, and what they wouldn't, they just wanted to wait to the date that they needed to get back to not lose any real games, and that is what they did. But I am very happy that football will be here soon.

As for the NBA they are in a lot more trouble. The owners want a hard cap, or course the players don't. They don't want things like sign and trades to be taking away because that is a way that a player can play for the new team he wants while still getting the max money he wants. The one thing that may save the NBA season is guys going over seas. I believe that David Stern is a smart mart and you don't want your game to be off, when it just had its best ratings in a long time. The NBA has their story line. Lebron and Co. going for a title, will it work? Will they ever win? How many can they win? It's Lebron vs. the World and the winner is the NBA. As long as they have a season. You can not have guys playing over seas because unlike football there are actually leagues over there with good talent, not top NBA talent but still good, and guys can make some good money and be treated like kings over there. The fans love them and that helps their worldwide marketability. The NBA needs a season way more then the players do. There are places they can play and still make good money. I just hope they save the season, I just haven't heard anything yet to believe they can.

The Pistons hired a new coach, finally, and it's Lawrence Frank. I really like that hire as a Pistons fan because though it isn't the "sexy" hire it is a great basketball hire. Lawrence Frank knows the game, and has coached at the NBA level as a head coach, and assistant. He will help the team, who ever is on the team, when ever they start to play again. Frank may not sell tickets, but I do believe he will help win more games, and that will then help sell more tickets. I'm right, you're wrong.